Visiting the Gellert Thermal Spa, Budapest

One of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe, Gellert opened in 1918, and boasts 10 pools in varying temperatures and sizes, indoor and outdoor.

The water comes from springs underground, which are rich in minerals including sodium and magnesium, which are said to aid a number of conditions. Here you can see a full list of benefits, however I just loved the way it seemed to make you float easier, which makes it very relaxing.

It cost just €15 each for a full day pass which includes access to all the pools, sauna, steam room and a locker to keep your valuables in.

If you leave you cannot return on the same ticket, which means that if you’re a hungry person like me it’s worth considering taking some cheeky snacks for the day to keep you going! We bought chicken Caesar salads in their café, which cost roughly €12 each (almost as much as the day itself!) but it was nice to eat whilst overlooking the balcony on to the main swimming pool.


I heard you have to wear a swimming cap, but this is only compulsory in the main swimming pool! I didn’t realise this, and ended up paying for one of their caps then doing laps of the pool just to get my money’s worth from it! It wasn’t expensive, and you do get to keep it, but I’ll never use it again! (especially as it has the Spa name on the side).

Lockers vs Cabins:
When researching this spa I saw a lot of discussion online as to whether you should get a locker or a cabin.

Lockers are the standard tall locker you’d find at any gym. They give you wristbands that act as locks to keep all your belongings safe.

Cabins are basically little changing rooms with locks on them that you can change in then leave all your things inside. Basically an oversized locker with a bench to sit on.


We went in with the intention of paying a little more for a cabin so we had somewhere to change, but somehow we got our wires crossed and we ended up with lockers instead! (oops). However, I’d actually say that in the end this was a good mistake, as we walked through where the cabins were and they did not look or smell very clean!! Also the lockers have little changing rooms next to them anyway if you need them, and they were very clean (plus we saved money to spend on food!). The only disadvantage to the lockers is that they’re upstairs, so it’s a bit further to walk if you want to nip up and grab something from your bag.

Overall a wonderful day out, and definitely worth the visit! The architecture and tiles on the wall were so beautiful! and with the hottest pool at 40 degrees celcius, it’s the best bath you’ll ever have!