My top 5 places to eat in Siem Reap

First of all can I just say how much I LOVE Siem Reap – there’s SO much to do and see, and the people are beautiful and welcoming.

The first time I visited was part of a group tour, where we were only given a couple of days to go round Angkor Wat and see a couple of things. I quickly decided I wanted to come back and explore further, so a month on and I was back as a solo traveller ready to teach English in a village Primary school (& of course try and eat my way through as much Khmer food as possible!)

There’s tons of places to eat and drink in Siem Reap, but here I have looked back through my diary and have picked out my personal top 5 from my visit (+ some fun extras):



I went with a couple of the girls from my hostel as a treat dinner, as I’d wanted to go for ages, and it did not disappoint.

Before we ordered, they gave us each a large spoon of chicken curry, and it was literally amazing! Unfortunately it wasn’t actually on the menu to order as a main, which is probably a bit of a missed opportunity, but I guess it’s a gimmick to go alongside the name of ‘Spoons’.

I had the chicken with coconut sauce and it was so delicious! The décor of the restaurant was really nice too.

Spoons is run by a company called EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK), the company train young adults in the community in hospitality and catering, opening up more opportunities for employment in the future, so it’s a delicious mouthful that also makes a difference. Check out their website for more information.

I should also probably mention Haven at this point – a restaurant with a similar motive of empowering those less fortunate to train and find employment for life. I did visit Haven and it was really nice, but didn’t blow me away for taste like Spoons.



This one’s for the health bunnies out there. A little on the expensive side, but if you want to be nourished then this is the place to go. Artillery is a nice quite place with friendly staff, so I can imagine it would be a great spot to hang out if you needed to get some work done, or just read your book in peace.

I went twice, and would highly recommend their Courgetty with a mushroom and cashew nut sauce, which was delicious.

One downer = the chocolate slice was just a TAD too healthy for me.. not recommended if you’ve got a sweet tooth.



This sweet vegetarian restaurant is set within a garden. I went for lunch and ordered the brown rice burger and pistachio ice cream – which were both really good.



A busy local’s restaurant near the river, I went here on my own for dinner and didn’t feel out of place at all. Meat is cooked on a BBQ to give extra flavour and the menu is pretty extensive with something for everyone, including frog intestines and eel. I decided to stay within my comfort zone that evening and ordered the chicken BBQ skewers and rice.


If you’re missing your Sunday morning home comforts, this one’s perfect for brunch. A cute little café set off from the main town on the other side of the river. I ordered the Eggs Florentine.

The café is filled with books from UK donors (including Cambridge University), which give a warm cosy atmosphere. You are very welcome to read or even buy these books, with all sales helping to generate grants for local communities.

& if you’re still not full…

For desert: try Project Y, a pay by weight frozen yoghurt place. I got a tub of coconut, Nutella and chocolate flavours with Maltesers, honeycomb and chocolate sauce for $5.50. It’s expensive but at least it’s for charity!


For drinks: visit the G Green Sky Dining. The rooftop makes this place feel special, but it won’t break the bank, and if you’re a girl they’ll even give you a free cocktail during happy hour!
I also had frogs legs tempura and spring rolls here, but would probably only recommend this place for drinks no dinner.

For the experience: You can’t leave Siem Reap without trying at least one insect from the market. I noticed there’s a few insect eating tours around, but there’s literally no need to pay for something that’s already free and accessible to everyone! I had a mini snake, and it was actually pretty good! Just keep a bottle of water to hand, to wash down those cricket legs!




The Ocean Film Festival World Tour 2018, Brighton Dome

The Ocean covers more than 70% of our world’s surface, and yet we know so little about it.

This year’s Ocean Film Festival brings together a handful of the best emotive short films, inviting us to better understand, respect and explore the hidden depths of our beautiful yet mysterious ocean.

I was lucky enough to catch the tour as it went through Brighton…

Here’s my quick summary of the films:

One Breath: A Life Without Gravity
Freediving couple Christina and Eusebio compare their relationship on land vs underwater, as they work together as trainer and student to break the 100m tandem freedive record.

Freedivers use breathing and relaxation techniques to dive for great depths without the need for oxygen tanks. Inspiring, but I must admit the final dive got me feeling a bit claustrophobic waiting for them to take that first breath on the way up!
Filmmaker: Sebastian Solberg (length 6mins)

The Big Wave Project
Shot over 5 years, this short film follows the lives of the very bravest big wave surfers, chasing the highest waves in the world for a few moments of adrenaline fuelled action.

I loved that many of these men weren’t sponsored, so it was the love of riding the waves and not the money which fuelled their crazy trips.
Filmmaker: Tim Bonython (length 20mins)

Scarlet’s tale
Achmat Hassiem from South Africa had a dream of representing his country in the Olympics, but during training for his job as a life guard, he was attacked by a shark which saw him lose his leg!

The plot twist is this seemingly devastating accident wasn’t the breaking, but in fact the making of his career, as he went on to win bronze in the Paralympics! and even got to meet and make peace with his attacker Scarlet.
Filmmakers: Faine Loubser, Trygve Heide, Khiraad Mathura & Achmat Hassiem (length 15mins)

Touched by the Ocean
The comedy of the evening, 2 Latvian friends Gints and karlis have a (not so well thought out) plan to row all the way to Brazil in time for the Olympics. Do you know what happens when you don’t keep your seat dry then try and row for days on end? Watch this to find out! Both hilarious and shocking all at the same time – be prepared to hide behind your hands.
Film directors: Laura Rozkalne-Ozola & Sandijs Semjonovs (length 30mins)

Kiwi Breeze

For me this was the most inspiring film of the evening. Steve from New Zealand, married an English girl and the pair settled down in Forest Hill to start a family. But Steve had bigger plans, and spent 9 years building a 44ft yacht in his back garden.

The perfect example of never giving up on your dreams, this short film is made up of home footage showing the progress, as their son grows up watching his dad in the garden.

Finally, the vessel is lifted over the house by a crane and taken to the river Thames to start the journey all the way back to New Zealand! It’s a tense few moments as the crane goes over the neighbours’ homes… just imagine if after 9 years the whole thing had collapsed!

It takes Steve 18 months (from what I remember) to sail back to his home country, where the family relocate.
Filmmaker: Ruari Muir (length 11mins)

Blue – With so much focus on plastic waste and protecting our oceans in the media lately it can easily wash over our heads, but this film was a real eye opener to the dangers of plastic (beyond the plastic vs metal straw debate).

The scene which struck me the most was when scientist Dr Jennifer Lavers takes the viewers away from the sea and up on to the hillsides, where we see the effects that plastic is having on our sea birds.

Sticking a tube in to each baby bird’s throat, she starts pumping water in, and soon a whole array of multicoloured plastic shards gush out in to a bowl. This isn’t just the odd piece – this is piles and piles of plastic from bottle tops, old printers, flip flops etc etc. Sometimes things need to be seen to be believed! And this is not something which can be ignored.
Filmmaker: Karina Holden (length 33mins)


Comment below ideas on how we can cut down on plastic every day! Recycling is a great idea, but perhaps the obvious solution would be instead to cut our plastic usage to a minimum to begin with.

Click here for more information on the Blue film and project.

The Ocean film festival was an eye opener, and I’d really recommend you try and catch it! & check out Youtube for more clips of the incredible short films mentioned.



30 BEFORE 30

If you know me chances are I’ve made you do THE LIST

One of my friends introduced me to the 30 before 30 idea a few of years ago. That’s 30 countries before you turn 30 years old. I sat there in the pool in Corfu recalling all the countries I’d been to in my lifetime, and came to the grand total of 15.

15 may sound like a lot, but her list was MUCH more impressive and I was keen to boost my numbers!

My biggest problem was that I’d repeated the same countries several times.

I’ve been to Greece every year of my life! That’s 8 years of living in Corfu, and 20 holidays to follow this. I’ve also been to Spain 4 times (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Catalonia and Barcelona) so that could also only count as ONE country.

Forward wind to October 2018 and my tally has jumped to 25/30 countries! That’s 5 more countries to go, and just 1 year and 7 months to reach the target! (my friend is now on 42)

Here’s my list to date – the pencil italics are where I’ve been to a country more than once.

(One country which I’m still questioning is the Vatican. I’ve been but it just didn’t feel anything like another country!)

Want to do your own list? Here’s the rules:

  • You can’t repeat countries!
  • England & Wales count!
  • Stop overs do NOT count (so that cheeky 2 hour layover in Dubai can’t be added to your total sorry)
  • Islands don’t count as a new country (sounds silly but I’ve heard more than one person ask, for example if Spain and Tenerife can count as 2 countries)

Once you’re done send me over your lists! I’m genuinely curious to see them and find out all the exciting places you’ve been!


Every Journey Begins With The First Step

Not to be underestimated. Travel gives you the courage to try new things, make new friends, gain the wisdom of others around the world, and put your own life in to perspective. It’ll send you home with an open ♥️ and an open mind, and will change you in ways you never thought possible

Snorkelling in Koh Tao, Thailand

This travel blog has been a long time coming!! I wanted to start one around 3 years ago, but didn’t think I travelled enough to warrant my own page.. ironic considering I’ve travelled more in those past 3 years than I have my entire life!
& because of this I will admit that some of my posts will be brought out from the archives, dusted off and shared, in the hope you’ll find inspiration for your own adventures, or at the very least enjoy scrolling through some travel photos!

If you have any questions about the places I’ve been or want to tell me about your own travels just click on the contact button to get in touch 🙂 I love hearing about unusual destinations and exciting activities!

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