Lucky Trip Review


My First Lucky Trip:

As soon as I heard about the Lucky Trip App I was straight on my phone downloading it… and what a great idea it turned out to be… I have just returned from my first Lucky Trip to Lisbon!

Booking confirmation came through straight away, and they will even check you in to your flight for you! (although I beat them to this and used the booking reference to do this ahead of time). Although we chose the cheapest accommodation option on the app, we found the room to be clean, spacious and great value for money, in the heart of Lisbon – a perfect combination which would have normally taken hours to find scrolling through various accommodation websites.

In a nutshell this beautifully simple, user-friendly app will search and Easyjet to combine the best flights and accommodation (along with optional added activity ideas) to create your next holiday, all at the touch of a button!

Our trip came about from a gift voucher. I was a bit dubious to buy a voucher from an app I had never used, but it was quick, easy and they even sent me a physical plastic card voucher in the post a few days later.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose from a selection of different filters to help build a personalised trip to best suit your budget, dates and other preferences (including your closest airport) although if you’re lucky enough to have no commitments, the only compulsory filters are budget and number of travellers. Choosing less filters also means you often get to see the cheapest deals around!

Once you have set your filters and clicked on the BIG pink button, your screen will look something like this example:


From here you can swipe on the individual images to choose between around 2-3 options for accommodation in the middle panel and activities on the bottom panel. Depending on how extravagant you’d like your stay to be this then pushes the price of the holiday up or down.

One great thing about the app is it can be as spontaneous or not as you like. For example you can actually select exact dates, and even change the flight times, although again this will sometimes push the price up or down.

You also have the option to save the trips you like the look of, as a way to compare using the heart in the bottom left-hand corner. This is a great feature, especially if you’re as indecisive as me!

I also noticed that if you keep clicking on the pink button to show new trips, eventually the options will come around full circle so you’ll start to see the same ones more than once.

In conclusion Lucky Trip is like Tinder for travellers, except instead of swiping past 300 mediocre options before landing on your (still questionable) dream man, you get to enjoy a great selection of interesting and beautiful travel options, with lots of potential! Now that’s something we can all commit to!



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